1. When should I replace my filters?

You will normally replace a standard disposable filter once a month. You will need to clean washable filters once a month. By visually checking your filter, you can determine if it needs to be replaced. Once the filter looks dirty you will know to change it.

2. After changing my filters, what other maintenance will I need?

  • Keep ground mounted units free of debris and weeds which could restrict airflow.
  • Keep animals away from units as pet urine can cause expensive damage.
  • Keep weed trimmers away from units to prevent damaging control wiring.

3. How can I be sure my system is working properly?

Does is sound strange? Are any areas of your home less comfortable? Does it take longer to heat up or cool down? Are your utility bills suddenly hirer than normal?

These can be signs that your system needs service. The longer you delay, the worse an underlying problem can become.

4. Why is it important to properly size my equipment?

Proper sizing will create comfort and also be the most energy efficient use of the equipment. When a system is over sized it will not run as often or for as long and this can lead to poor humidity control, temperature variations, or noticeable cycling. Over sized equipment will not be as energy efficient as properly matched equipment.

Under sized equipment will result in loss of comfort during temperature extremes.

5. Should I close registers in rooms that are not regularly used?

No. Your system is designed to heat and cool a certain number of square feet. By closing resisters or doors in certain rooms, you can interrupt and decrease the system’s airflow and efficiency. The system will to work harder to cool less space and will make it less efficient.

6. What temperature should my thermostat be set to?

The time of the year and your personal preferences will determine the setting. As a rule of thumb, summer setting can be 78-80 degrees. The winter settings can be 68-72 degrees. Setting your thermostat back more than 5 degrees will cause your unit to work harder to achieve the desired temperature setting.

7. What is the preferred humidity level inside my home?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends a humidity level between 30% and 60% inside your home.